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What is Petlanthropy?


Around the country, local animal shelters often do not have enough community support to care for homeless cats and dogs. Petlanthropy Foundation was founded with only one goal: to help bring about the day when all homeless cats and dogs are guaranteed loving forever homes. We work to increase life saving, end euthanasia of healthy and adoptable animals, and connect all animal loving people to homeless cats and dogs. We work collaboratively with hundreds of local animal shelters and rescue groups across the United States to fill in resource gaps and increase the health, happiness and adoptability of shelter animals. Every year, we are thrilled to save thousands of beautiful, smiling faces and wagging tails, and in 2019 we are poised to save even more! 

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Petlanthropy Foundation provides local animal shelters with fill in the gap programs that save lives. We help generate critical human, financial and programming resources so that homeless cats and dogs get second chances and loving forever homes. We are especially proud that the following programs have helped thousands of cats and dogs, and their lucky human companions, have lives full of love and smiles: 

  1. We fund and source medical care for homeless animals who need treatment to be adoptable

  2. We fund and source vaccine and sterilization clinics for owned animals in underserved and at risk neighborhoods

  3. We transport small and medium sized dogs from crowded shelters to out of area forever homes

  4. We provide qualifying Veterans with no cost adoption of select shelter cats and dogs

  5. We dramatically increase cat adoptions at local shelters through programmatic media, marketing and adoption fee subsidy programs

  6. We implement life saving, fill in the gap software and infrastructure programs for local animal shelters nationwide.

Reaching Our Goals


Petlanthropy Foundation’s goal is for all homeless cats and dogs to be guaranteed loving forever homes. Because of animal lovers all over the country just like you, we know this goal is within reach. We are so excited for 2020 and the continued expansion of critical programs with shelters across the country, including ambitious new campaigns that make it easy for animal lovers to adopt, volunteer and donate to their local shelter. We continue to model, test, improve and expand programs so that more and more homeless cats and dogs gain forever homes. Because of you, so many furry friends and their human companions will be smiling, playing and living healthy lives full of tail wags, smiles and love.

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