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The easiest way to support local animal shelters on a national scale.

Is your company, organization or foundation looking to make an impact? From litters of puppies and kittens to lovable furry seniors in need; medication, supplies, and life saving rescues and forever home adoption support; from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine: Petlanthropy Animal Care, Health & Lifesaving Society offers the most direct way to make a difference for local cats and dogs who just need some attention, medicine and a loving forever home.

Partner with us

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Pinpoint How You Want to Help Homeless Animals

Shelters and rescues request the resources their animals need to thrive, and that means something different for every animal. We have shelter project requests from every corner of America, spanning all types of animals and needs, so you can support the projects that match your interests.
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Support Your Local Community

Nonprofit animal shelters and rescue groups across America utilize our fundraising and outreach tools, so you can find projects in your backyard. Support the communities you care about, and see exactly how you're helping through our rich reporting process that celebrates lifesaving.
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Rally the Public Through Petlanthropy

Shelters and rescue groups from all over the country fundraise to save lives on our site, and they're ready to join you in bringing dreams of health and happiness to life. You can grow the life saving community even further by launching a donation match offer, empowering customers to participate in your philanthropy, or using the tools we've developed to mobilize the public.
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Engage Your Employees

By empowering employees to participate in Petlanthropy, you can nurture a passionate and loyal workforce. Employees have the chance to bring nearby Petlanthropy projects to life—either within your focus area, or based on their personal passions—and then receive photos of the happy animals saved and thank-yous from the shelters and rescue groups they chose to support.

We're on the cutting edge of person-to-person philanthropy.
What does that mean for you?

Targeted, Hyperlocal Giving

Shelter identify exactly what their homeless animals need to have healthy, happy lives filled with love, so you can directly support the shelters, rescue groups, communities, and animals you care about most.

Custom, Branded Partnerships

For those who want to create a custom-branded giving experience for their customers, we give you the tools to connect and inspire your audience, your way.

Vivid, Data-Rich Feedback

We'll provide you with photos, thank you letters, and data on every project you supported so you and your customers, board members, and employees can see exactly where your dollars went. You'll receive impact analysis to understand and see the life saving difference you make!

Trust & Integrity

Petlanthropy Animal Care, Health & Lifesaving Society is a 501(c)(3) public charity, and all of the animal shelters and rescue groups we support and provide our life saving tools are also 501(c)(3) charities. We vet every shelter and rescue project before it's posted, and have funds and materials shipped directly to the shelter. We always strive to have the highest standard of accountability and transparency for everything we and our affiliated shelters and rescue groups do. The health, happiness and lives of so many homeless cats, dogs and furry friends depends on humans who are committed to giving our all to transform lives.
Pethlanthropy Animal Care, Health & Lifesaving Society and all animal shelters and rescue groups we support are 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Giving all healthy and adoptable animals lives filled with health, love and forever homes are our goals.

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